Animals are Not Ours

Animals are Not Ours

NFL: Stop Paying for Animals to Be Tortured!


WARNING: What you are about to read will shock you.

When you think of animal testing, you probably don't think of football, but that's about to change: For years, the National Football League Foundation has been funding HORRIFYING and deadly sports-injury experiments on dogs, mice, rats, and other animals.

rat head injury NFL

These extremely cruel experiments include:

  • Inflicting severe knee injuries on dogs, after which the animals are killed and have their legs cut off
  • Repeatedly slamming heavy weights into rats' heads to create brain and spinal cord injuries and skull fractures
  • Cutting open the heads of mice and delivering crushing blows to cause traumatic brain injuries

WTF?! Besides these experiments being cruel and ridiculous, studies have shown that they do not accurately replicate the complex injuries sustained by football players, and data and treatments derived from brain–injury experiments on animals have repeatedly failed to help human patients.

Read that again: These studies on animals DO NOT accurately replicate injuries
of football players—so why is the NFL funding them!?

Following the NFL's $765 million settlement with former football players who suffered head injuries during their professional careers, the league announced that it is allocating $10 million for "research and education." But continuing to bash in animals' heads and cripple dogs won't help prevent and treat injuries sustained by NFL players. It's time for a new playbook when it comes to advancing the science of treating traumatic injuries.

TAKE ACTION: Send polite e-mails to NFL and NFL Foundation officials urging them to stop funding cruel and wasteful experiments on animals and to instead support more humane and relevant non-animal research methods, such as in vitro and in silico studies and clinical research with current and former NFL players.


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