Animals are Not Ours

Animals are Not Ours

SHOCKING: Meet the Pigs Suffering in Breeder's 'Junk Pen'

Can you imagine having an injured leg and, instead of being rushed to the hospital, being put into a tiny room and left to suffer? As your injury gets worse, the pain probably gets worse, too—but no one comes to save you.

You become so sick that you can't stand up—you have to lie down because you're so weak. Instead of getting you the help you need, someone eventually forces you into a truck and hauls you off to be killed.

PETA's disturbing undercover investigation reveals that THIS WAS REAL for an injured pig documented at this leading supplier to pig-meat companies.

Animals are left to suffer. Some Die. Survivors are sent to the slaughterhouse.


These clever and sensitive animals, who are smarter than dogs, are identified by having a tag punched through their ears and become just another number inside the factory.

Here are just a few of their stories:

  • One pig, known simply as 112688, struggled to stand and had to drag his hind legs across the filthy floor. Day after day, this pig lay barely moving. He was not even put out of his misery. Instead, he was loaded onto a truck and hauled to slaughter.
  • Pig 115544, who was missing his tail, was left to die slowly without any apparent veterinary care for days in what workers called "the junk pen." This is where the company's injured, undesirable, and sickest pigs are kept. Pig 115544 was found dead six days after he was put in the "junk pen."
  • Pigs 112105 and 113436 sustained injuries that caused their internal tissue to protrude from their anuses. They were apparently denied veterinary care for up to five days and then hauled to slaughter.


Many pigs' abdomens had huge bulges caused by protruding intestines. These pigs were also relegated to the "junk pen." Later, they were loaded onto trucks and taken to slaughter.

As is typical of most pig-breeding factories, mother pigs at this factory farm are confined to crates so small that they can't walk or even turn around. Pigs, who are known to be excellent mothers and who "sing" to their piglets, are kept in such restricted conditions that they can't shift positions while nursing without having a metal bar or prong pressing into them.

The constant pressure of the hard, slatted floor and the metal bars rubbing against their bodies causes gaping ulcers.

Please share this video with everyone you know. The easiest and most effective thing we can all do to help pigs is not eat them.



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