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SICK, Twisted Sex Experiments on Animals

Right now, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is funding dozens of bizarre, stomach-churning sexual behavior studies in which animals have the sexual pleasure area of their brains damaged and their genitals mutilated.

Experimenters sexually stimulate animals, inject them with drugs, observe them having sex, and subject them to other twisted procedures.

NIH has spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on these sex experiments. Here are just four of the many upsetting projects currently receiving funding:

1. Mice and rats electrically stimulated after penises mutilated and injected with chemicals

Location: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
Experiments: Experimenters cut all the skin off the penises of live mice and rats, electrically stimulated their penises with electrodes for up to five minutes, and injected their penises with various chemicals to see if they'd sustain an erection. The animals were then killed, and their penises were cut apart.
Cost: $2,792,144

2. Mice's sex drive tested after brains burned

Location: Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts
Experiments: Experimenters locked female mice into restraint devices, drilled holes into their skulls, and burned lesions into their brains. The females were then presented with urine samples from castrated and intact males, and the amount of time they spent sniffing each urine sample was recorded. All of the mice were killed and dissected.
Cost: $1,505,173

3. Hamsters' sex drive tested following brain damage

Location: University of California–Berkeley, Berkeley, California
Experiments: Experimenters cut into the skulls of female hamsters and implanted tubes into their brains and pumps into their scalps. Saline or hormones related to sexual behavior were pumped into the females' brains, and the animals were videotaped as they were able to see, smell, and hear—but not touch—a male hamster. The female hamsters' sexual interest in the males was measured through their vaginal scent markings. The animals were then killed, and their brains were dissected.
Cost: $1,817,502

4. Rats' interest in drugs tested following brain damage and sex withdrawal

University: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Experiments: Experimenters measured the time taken for male rats to mount females, insert their penises, and ejaculate. The experimenters then restrained the rats, cut into their skulls, implanted tubes into their brains, and pumped in a chemical that would block the rats' ability to process sexual pleasure. The experimenters then watched the rats having sex, withheld sex from the rats for seven to 28 days, and noted the rats' increased interest in an amphetamine reward. All the animals were killed, and their brains were dissected.
Cost: $4,547,605

Please help END this disgusting cruelty!

Ask NIH to cut taxpayer funding for cruel and wasteful experiments on animals immediately.


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