Urge Congress to Take Action for Nosey the Elephant!


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Arthritis is agonizing, and for captive elephants, it can be a death sentence. Video footage shows that for months now, animal exhibitor Hugo Liebel has been forcing an elephant named Nosey to give rides, even though she appears to be hobbled by pain. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has failed to take Nosey off the road, even after reviewing this footage and hearing from an elephant veterinarian who concluded that Nosey is undoubtedly suffering from arthritis and "is unnecessarily suffering, permanently disabled, crippled, and is knowingly being maimed."

The reason? The USDA claims that a November 2014 vet visit cleared Nosey for all work, but that visit was fundamentally flawed. The veterinarians were given no credible information about Nosey's history of lameness, and the USDA has actually admitted that it deliberately concealed the video footage of Nosey from them. Even so, retiring Nosey is consistent with the recommendations of the vets who saw her. They concluded that if the elephant "shows any signs of obvious discomfort or reluctance to ambulate normally, further evaluation would be recommended and exhibition riding should be limited."

Nosey is not fit to give rides, but she is still on the road and still suffering, and her condition is still being aggravated every single day. She may yet have many happy years ahead if she is placed in a reputable sanctuary where she will never again be forced to give rides or perform tricks. Please act now and urge your members of Congress to hold the USDA accountable.


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