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Tell Groupon to End SeaWorld 'Deal'

sad Lolita

It's a fact: Life at SeaWorld is hell for whales, dolphins, and other marine animals who are kept imprisoned there day after day, year after year.

Since the release of Blackfish—which led eight musical acts, including Willie Nelson and the Barenaked Ladies, to cancel their SeaWorld concerts—tens of thousands of compassionate people like you and even several publications, including the Los Angeles Times, have spoken out against the cruel abusement park.  

SeaWorld knows that its days are numbered. In a last-ditch effort to increase attendance (by slashing ticket prices), the marine park has partnered with Groupon. 

Unless Groupon wants to be associated with a delusional company that imprisons orcas in small concrete pools for their entire lives, the company needs to end this deal immediately.

Please contact Groupon and urge it to cancel this deal right away!


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