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Southwest Airlines: Stop Supporting SeaWorld!

Southwest Airlines knows that SeaWorld has kidnapped baby orcas, torn them away from their families, deprived them of everything that is natural and important to them, and forced them to perform tricks in tiny tanks for entertainment.

The airline knows that too many orcas have died prematurely at SeaWorld—and that it's not just the orcas who are in danger. Forcing animals who would normally swim a hundred miles a day to live in barren concrete tanks can cause them to be aggressive, which puts trainers' lives at risk.

But Southwest continues its partnership with SeaWorld. Why? For $$. While many musical acts and other companies are ditching SeaWorld, Southwest has released a statement saying that its relationship with SeaWorld is "based on travel and bringing families together." Umm, hypocritical much?

SeaWorld tears families apart.

FIGHT FOR ORCAS: Ask Southwest to do the right thing and end its SeaWorld partnership.


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