Animals are Not Ours

Animals are Not Ours

Who Is PUNCHING These Sheep and Why?!

Think the wool industry is harmless? Think again. Does this look harmless to you?

PETA's disturbing new video exposés of both Australian and U.S. wool operations will break your heart.

Footage reveals that sheep shearers violently punched and stomped on these gentle animals and beat and jabbed them in the head with sharp metal clippers and a hammer.

One shearer even stuck his fingers into sheep's eyes.

He killed a sheep by twisting and breaking her neck.

As the sheep struggled to get away, the shearers stomped and stood on their heads and necks. Workers threw scared sheep around and slammed their heads and bodies against hard wooden floors. One shearer even used a sheep's body to wipe the sheep's own urine off the floor.

HEARTLESS: When they're first sheared—a highly stressful experience—lambs cry out loudly because, according to one worker, "They've been separated from their mums and they're calling for them. … They're going, 'Mom! Mom!'"

Workers called sheep "f***ing c*nt" and "God damn c*nt," and one rancher boasted that he had "the 'all permission' to pound the f*** out of" sheep. Another rancher said of one animal, "I want to choke that sheep. Cut her air supply off."

AND IT DOESN'T END THERE: Injured and unprofitable sheep were even shot to death in front of other sheep and butchered. Millions of sheep every year are shipped to the slaughterhouse after the wool industry is done with them.

NEVER buy a product that contains wool—because now you know that it's more than just a haircut: It's painful, cruel, and heartbreaking.

The wool industry treats living animals like nothing but disposable products to make money. Ask leading sellers of wool—Ralph Lauren and J. Crew—to drop wool immediately in favor of animal-free materials.

Update: In August 2016, officials in Victoria charged a minimum of six shearers with at least 70 counts of cruelty to animals, the first-ever charges anywhere in the world against wool-industry workers for abusing sheep. In December 2016, the first defendant pleaded guilty and was banned from shearing or being in charge of farmed animals for two years. In February and March 2017, four more shearers pleaded guilty to more than 60 counts of cruelty. All were banned from shearing or being in charge of sheep for up to two years and fined up to $3,500. The sixth shearer was convicted of cruelty to animals in May 2017. He was banned from shearing or being in charge of sheep for six months and fined $2,000.



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