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URGENT: Frog TRAPPED in Tiny Box!

PETA has received complaints that a large African clawed frog is confined to a small aquarium in the Frazier Jelke Science Center at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

IT'S CRUEL: Photographs supplied to PETA seem to substantiate concerns that his tank is far too small to allow him to properly swim and forage and that it lacks any sort of enrichment—such as plants and areas for digging—or even a hiding spot!

IT'S DANGEROUS: The gravel in the tank is small enough for him to ingest, which could prove fatal. The frog is also said to often float near the surface of the water—a possible indication of illness and/or inadequate water filtration. We raised these concerns with Rhodes College staff but without any apparent success.


Politely ask Rhodes College administrators to secure a veterinary assessment and a larger, healthier, enriched environment for this frog, be it on campus or at a specialized setting elsewhere. 


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