Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way.

Ask Kennesaw State University to Stop Exploiting Birds for Entertainment


Kennesaw State University is using a live owl named Sturgis as a mascot at sporting events and school functions. An arena filled with bright lights, screaming fans, flashing cameras, and loud noises is terrifying and distressing for animals.

There is no way for the university to guarantee Sturgis' safety at these events. Just last year, a bald eagle who was forced to "entertain" the crowd at an Oral Roberts University rally slammed into a window and fell to the floor. In a similar incident, a condor broke loose from her handler at a professional hockey game and slipped and struggled on the ice, crashing into a Plexiglas barrier before hurrying backstage as quickly as she could. Intelligent, sensitive birds simply do not belong at sporting events.

Please tell Kennesaw State University's director of athletics, Vaughn Williams, that using live animals as mascots is unacceptable and urge school officials to implement a policy banning the use of live animals at sporting events.

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