Urge Circus World to End Cruel Elephant Exhibits!

Elephants at circus world

Circus World in Baraboo, Wisconsin, is about to start its annual hosting of cruel and archaic elephant acts and rides. Join PETA in urging the Circus World Museum Foundation's board of directors to make the compassionate decision to end cruel elephant acts at Circus World!

Circus World has historically hired the notorious exhibitor Carson & Barnes Circus, whose appalling history of abusing elephants and endangering the public spans decades. Indeed, it was Carson & Barnes that supplied Viola, Isa, and Kelly, three elephants who escaped and ran amok for nearly an hour at the Moolah Shrine Circus in Missouri in March 2014. Shortly after that incident, the U.S. Department of Agriculture cited Carson & Barnes for endangering the public at the Jaffa Shrine Circus in Pennsylvania. While at Circus World in August 2013, Carson & Barnes was cited for failing to show that it had given veterinary care to Nina, an elephant who was carted to Circus World for performances and rides. She was so thin that her hip bones and shoulder blades were visible. In a recent 2015 inspection report, it was noted that Nina's weight has been rapidly declining for more than a year and that she has lost a shocking 500 pounds in the past several months alone. Just over a year ago, a mother swore out an affidavit detailing a vicious attack on an elephant by a Carson & Barnes handler with a bullhook. This is the same circus whose head elephant trainer, Tim Frisco, was caught on video viciously attacking screaming elephants with a bullhook and shocking them with an electric prod. In the video, Frisco instructs others to sink the bullhook into the animals' flesh and twist it until they scream in pain.

More and more people realize that elephants—who are similar to humans in terms of intelligence, emotional capacity, and social life—shouldn't be forced to travel and perform unnatural tricks. The notorious Ringling Bros. circus just announced that it plans to phase out its elephants acts by 2018, acknowledging the growing number of people who aren't comfortable with the circus's use of elephants. And many countries have banned such practices, as have various localities across the U.S. as well as private businesses, including arenas.

Speak up for elephants now by urging the Circus World Museum Foundation's board of directors to listen to the modern audience and end cruel and archaic elephant acts at Circus World once and for all!

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