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Mountain Lions HUNTED Down

FACT: Hunting lions is extremely cruel.

Not only is killing animals for sport not OK, it also tears families apart, leaves orphaned young babies to starve, and leaves injured animals to die slowly and painfully

In 2012, the Nebraska legislature passed a law that permitted up to 100 mountain lions to be hunted each year. These animals need YOU to speak up now. 

HERE'S THE DEAL: Legislative bill 671 would reinstate a ban on hunting Nebraska's mountain lions for sport. It recently passed the Nebraska Senate and is now in the hands of Gov. Dave Heineman, who has until Friday, March 28, to sign it into law. 

TAKE ACTION: Use the form below to remind Gov. Heineman that mountain lion hunting is not only cruel but also harmful to local ecosystems. Ask him to sign L.B. 671 into law, and share this message with everyone you know!



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