Urge California State Assembly to Ban Orca Shows Urge California State Assembly to Ban Orca Shows

Urge California State Assembly to Ban Orca Shows


SeaWorld has been pulling out all the stops in an effort to recover from the growing backlash after the film Blackfish blew the lid off the marine park's disturbing confinement of orcas—but even SeaWorld can't hide from a groundbreaking California state bill that would ban the marine park's controversial orca shows for good. The Orca Welfare and Safety Act would end the abusement park's captive orca exhibits and retire the marine mammals to sea pens—where they can live out their lives in an environment closer to what nature intended.

The members of the California State Assembly need to hear from people like you that this is a bill that their constituents support. We need your help to make it happen!

Twenty-five orcas died in SeaWorld facilities between 1986 and 2010—an average of nearly one each year—and not one died of old age. Celebrities, investors, and the tourism industry can no longer hide from the facts: SeaWorld is responsible for denying dozens of sentient marine mammals everything that is natural and important to them. It's a dying business that refuses to change with the times.

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