Thiago 'The Pitbull' Alves Speaks Out Against Dogfighting!

UFC fighter Thiago "The Pitbull" Alves is a tough competitor who fights hard against opponents but has a kind heart when it comes to animals. Unlike loyal dogs who fight because they're conditioned to do so by abusive owners, Thiago chooses to get into the ring. To speak up for animals, he teamed up with PETA for our "Never Be Silent" campaign. He encourages people to treat animals with respect and never fight or abuse them.

It takes only a moment to speak up for an animal in need. And sadly, plenty of animals need our help. If you see a dog left chained outdoors, a lost or stray animal wandering the streets, a dog locked in a hot car, or any other form of cruelty or neglect, speak up! Contact your local authorities or PETA for assistance.

Thiago knows that making the choice to be an MMA fighter was his and his alone and that abused dogs are forced to fight. So he will never be silent!

Watch behind-the-scenes footage taken at Thiago's photo shoot and see why he decided to fight for animals.

You Can Help—Use Your Voice for Animals!
Never be silent—that's the first step to helping animals who face abuse. Speaking up for animals can save their lives. Use your voice to stop animal abuse—share this message with your friends! Learn more about the gruesome dogfighting industry, and make a habit of being kind and compassionate to spare animals' lives.

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