Nosey Needs You! Urge the FWC to Confiscate Nosey


When Hugo Liebel isn't hauling Nosey the elephant around the country, he's forcing her to give rides at seedy flea markets in Florida while he lies low for the winter. It's time to take Nosey off the road for good. For months now, PETA has been documenting the fact that Liebel is forcing Nosey to give rides, even though she's stiff, sore, and lame..

According to a renowned elephant expert and veterinarian, Nosey is likely suffering from arthritis, a potentially fatal condition that is aggravated by the harsh circumstances that Nosey endures every day: She is made to stand in mud and waste, has elevated stress levels, isn't given the opportunity for proper exercise, and must perform confusing and painful circus tricks. And as the expert veterinarian put it, Nosey's condition has "progressed over a lifetime of documented unnecessary cruelty or abuse caused by a standard of care and living conditions that must come to an end."

Authorities are allowing Liebel to exhibit Nosey despite her declining health, claiming that veterinarians who saw her briefly in November said that she is doing just fine. Given Nosey's well-documented, months-long history of lameness, this veterinary visit was wholly inadequate. Representatives of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) attended the visit but chose not to show the veterinarians who saw Nosey the months' worth of video footage documenting her pain. Continuing to use Nosey for rides is not only cruel but also dangerous. Nosey has already attacked at least one person, who was sent to the hospital, and the USDA has cited Liebel again and again for endangering the public. But his handling practices haven't changed. He continues to use a bullhook—a heavy, sharp weapon that is known to trigger aggression in elephants—to control and strike Nosey, and week after week, PETA has received video footage showing Liebel allowing members of the public to feed Nosey while his back is turned and letting Nosey be exhibited by his adolescent son—who was not listed as a handler on Liebel's Florida elephant-ride permit application. There is also footage of Liebel's wife, Franciszka, leading rides while talking on a cell phone; Nosey picking up and playing with buckets, a bullhook, and the enclosure fencing; and Nosey nearly knocking down the platform used to load riders.

The abuse must stop. Speak up today and urge the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to confiscate Nosey and revoke Liebel's captive wildlife permits once and for all!


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