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Rabbits KILLED for Condoms! #OMG

Need more proof that animal testing is ridiculous and unnecessary? Here you go:

ORIGAMI brand condoms were tested on rabbits.
Pieces of silicone were inserted into the rabbits' vaginas for five days.

After five days, the rabbits were KILLED.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH)—which approved the experiment and secured the grant money (from taxpayers, aka anyone who has a job!)—has defended the torture and killing of these animals, but you know better. There's NO excuse for killing rabbits for condoms—especially when there's plenty of information on condom materials already available and when humane alternatives exist to fill in any gaps.

Use the form below to tell the NIH that you don't support this kind of cruelty and to request that the agency demand that existing data and non-animal testing methods be researched thoroughly before it approves or helps to secure grant money for experiments on animals.


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