Urge Washington University to Stop Hosting Petting Zoos

Boo Boo the bear

Washington University in St. Louis recently hosted a petting zoo in which Boo Boo, a 2-month-old bear cub, bit at least 18 people and caused a rabies scare on campus. His behavior indicates that being passed from person to person caused him distress, discomfort, and fear. Despite PETA's pleas, Washington University has not agreed to stop hosting petting zoos.

Bear cubs and other frightened animals in petting zoos are continually carted from town to town and venue to venue. Petting zoos subject animals to the stress of transport, alien environments, irregular feeding and watering, mishandling, and crowds of strangers. Cindy Farmer, the exhibitor who brought Boo Boo to Washington University, has been repeatedly cited for confining animals to dangerous, filthy, and feces-strewn enclosures. A U.S. Department of Agriculture inspector even found a dead goat who had been denied veterinary care.

Petting zoos are bad news for animals and humans. Please urge Washington University to stop hosting petting zoos on campus and let officials know that animal exploitation has no place at an institution of higher education.


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