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An Elephant on 'The Tonight Show'?

OMG! Did you see the elephant on Jimmy Fallon's show?

THIS IS CRUEL! No wild animal—and especially not Roxy the elephant—belongs on The Tonight Show. They belong in the wild.

Who is Roxy? Roxy was kidnapped from the wild as a baby and shuffled around from exhibitor to exhibitor, including the Tarzan Zerbini Circus—which got in trouble for not giving Roxy proper veterinary care for a swollen foot and for keeping her chained in a barn!

Roxy is now rented out and carted from city to city for events like Fallon's.

Rented out?! She's a living, breathing, sensitive animal—not a movie to be loaned out for money.

Elephants like Roxy and other wild animals—including a capuchin monkey named Marcel and a tiger cub named Himesh who were also featured on Fallon's show—can become stressed out and anxious when hauled around like this, and loud crowds can be very traumatic.

Please help animals like Roxy, Marcel, and Himesh by sending an urgent note to Jimmy Fallon urging him to ban wildlife exhibitors in the future. A few moments of your time will go a long way for animals!


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