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Seventh Generation: Clean Up Your MESS!

UPDATE: Can tens of thousands of caring consumers be wrong? Apparently, Seventh Generation doesn’t think so. When peta2 alerted our Street Teamers and supporters that Seventh Generation—a company that you had relied on as a cruelty-free comapny for years—was aggressively pushing legislation that would result in the deaths of tens of millions of animals in chemical toxicity tests, you let the company know in no uncertain terms that you were striking its products off your shopping list. Your feedback worked: Seventh Generation has reversed course and will now lobby for the use of non-animal testing methods.

Seventh Generation is known to compassionate customers as the go-to brand for cruelty-free cleaning and household products. But there's something you might not know …

Seventh Generation has a dirty little secret: The company has been promoting legislation that will result in the painful poisoning deaths of tens of millions of animals!

Seventh Generation has been an outspoken supporter of a number of campaigns that promote tests on animals, including its own Million Baby Crawl. And that's not all—the company is now refusing to support reforms to the Toxic Substances Control Act that would reduce the number of animals poisoned and killed in experiments.

A company that promotes itself as cruelty-free shouldn't be supporting policies that would lead directly to the suffering and painful death of millions of animals, right?!

Let Seventh Generation know that you will not buy its products until the company stops supporting campaigns that promote tests on animals.


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Full Petition Text: [Decision Maker],

I was shocked to learn that Seventh Generation has been supporting efforts that will increase cruel and archaic chemical tests on animals and has refused to support reforms to the Toxic Control Substances Act that will reduce tests on animals.

Animals experience extreme fear and pain during cruel and deadly chemical tests, and a company that promotes itself as cruelty-free, as Seventh Generation does, should not be supporting measures that will mean the deaths of millions of animals!

Until you stop supporting measures that will increase tests on animals, I will no longer be purchasing your products, and I will be sharing this information with everyone I know.

[Your Name]

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