Animals are Not Ours

Animals are Not Ours

DISGUSTING: Cows Forced to Sleep, Eat in Their Feces

Can you imagine eating and sleeping while trapped in a porta-potty? How about being forced to live there as the toilet overflows? #gag

It sounds like something straight out of a gross horror film: being forced to wade through your own waste just to eat a meal. Every day, the pool of poop and urine grows deeper, and when you emerge, it hardens and dries on your hair and skin, resulting in sores and painful ulcers on your body. For cows on a North Carolina dairy farm, this is their reality every single day.

After receiving a disturbing tip, PETA obtained shocking video footage of cows forced to live in their own corrosive, bacteria-laden urine and feces.

They are forced to walk to and from the milking parlor in it and eat while standing in it, and it’s where they spend every single night—with no grass or straw to lie down on to rest.

They can never escape the stench.

The manure splashes onto cows’ udders moments before they are milked. It is caked on their limbs, and it is virtually impossible to clean it off cows’ flanks and udders before milking, a serious food-safety threat.

Cow "2"—whose bones sharply protrude
from her emaciated body—stands on a slick,
manure-coated floor just before entering
the milking parlor.

Cows must stand on slippery metal grates while
milk—intended for the calves who have been
taken from them—is mechanically sucked out.

What We’re Doing
PETA alerted local law-enforcement officials, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, and the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources to conditions at the farm and asked authorities to ensure that the cows are provided with adequate care and also to conduct an emergency inspection. Stay tuned for updates.

What YOU Can Do
It’s easy: The only way to be sure that no animals suffer for your milk, ice cream, yogurt, and cheese is to go vegan. Order peta2′s new “Guide to Going Vegan” here (it’s FREE!), and check out these vegan recipes and tips.

Update: Just one day after PETA released eyewitness video footage, the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources reportedly announced that it had cited the farm for six violations of state law. The agency reportedly corroborated PETA's findings, reporting that "animal waste was observed [up] to 3 feet deep" where cows were made to stand, eat, walk, and try to rest. Reportedly, the farm has 10 days to correct these violations and the agency is considering fining the farm.


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