Animals are Not Ours

Animals are Not Ours

Rats STARVED in University's Pointless Experiments

Marshall McCue is a professor at St. Mary's University, a Catholic institution in San Antonio, Texas, where he isolates helpless animals in barren shoebox cages and starves them. Most recently, he repeatedly starved dozens of young rats for up to 11 days at a time.

Imagine living in complete isolation with no mental stimulation, no bedding, no food, and no idea what's going to happen next.

Precious rat in cage alone
Rats are highly social, sensitive animals who show empathy and even giggle when they're tickled.
Each year, millions of them are killed in laboratories.

What does happen next? These animals are inhumanely gassed to death.

What did McCue learn from these cruel experiments? Nothing. He concluded that when compared to rats who do have access to food, those who are starved experience physiological effects—can I get a DUH?

These "findings" can't even be used to help understand natural starvation episodes that other animals go through, since different species respond in different ways.

Precious rat in cage alone
Rats in laboratories are deprived of nearly everything natural to them.
Even before they’re subjected to cruel experiments, their lives are marked by fear and trauma.

It gets worse: McCue's victims were young and still growing rapidly. Because of the variation in size at this age, he had to throw out some of his data. Oh—and he's also tortured and starved Japanese quails, house sparrows, snakes, mice, tilapia, toads, and geckos.

McCue's experiments are sadistic failures that don't help anyone—not even a little.

Tell the university to end these useless, sickening experiments immediately!


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