Animals are Not Ours

Animals are Not Ours

Turtles and Frogs Await Death While on Display

Live turtles, frogs, fish, crabs, and other animals reportedly languish in crowded tanks at Jusgo supermarkets in Houston and Plano, Texas, where they're sold to shoppers and eaten.

Compassionate people called PETA to report the severe crowding, so we contacted the company and urged it to improve the conditions for these animals.

Animals don't deserve to sit in a filthy, crowded tank waiting for someone to decide when it's their turn to die. This wouldn't happen if grocery stores didn't sell live animals. Jusgo didn't seem to hear PETA's request, but maybe it'll hear thousands of people like you.

Tell Jusgo supermarkets to consider a ban on the sale of live animals altogether or at least reduce the number of animals in each container or tank.




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