Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way.

Save the Bears: PETA Investigation Unveils Shocking Cruelty!

While there were probably once as many as 2 million black bears in North America, the population has severely declined. By current estimates, there are fewer than 900,000 living today. The once-wild places that are home to these peaceful animals are disappearing altogether, and black bears continue to suffer from unnatural deaths and terrible cruelty at the hands of "bait and shoot" hunters.

Hunters place bait in a barrel to attract the bears, and when these intelligent, gentle, and curious animals come to eat, they are shot—often several times before they die. Many bears escape wounded and face a slow death from blood loss, gangrene, or other infections, dehydration, or starvation.

Mother bears who are killed leave behind orphaned cubs who are completely dependent on them for food during their first 17 months, and when left in the wilderness alone, they often cannot survive. In many areas there are few restrictions against shooting mother bears with nursing cubs, leading to the destruction of entire families.

Because of the barbaric nature of bear baiting, it has been banned in British Columbia and many U.S. states. Many Canadians and numerous hunting and conservation groups agree that this is a cruel and unsportsmanlike practice, yet black bears continue to be mercilessly slaughtered in Canada.

Please join us in contacting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and urge him to ban bear baiting in Canada. If you are a Canadian resident, please ask your Member of Parliament to help end bear baiting in your province.


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