Meet Sonya

Sonya spent years toiling under a yoke for sugarcane farms. Day after day for more than 11 miles, he pulled heavy loads of more than 3.3 tons of sugarcane, an excessive weight that causes abscesses, swollen knees, yoke gall, and muscle ailments. Bullocks are often beaten and given insufficient food, water, rest, and shade. Now, thanks to Animal Rahat's Tractor Project, in which mini-tractors take the place of bullocks, Sonya is officially retired. Finally able to rest, he enjoys grooming with his friend Sunder—another bullock Animal Rahat helped retire from the same sugar factory. After being forced to work in the blazing sun for so many years, Sonya savors the shade: Every day between 1 and 3 p.m., he rests beneath a leafy tree.

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