Chinchali Camp Image of a Chinchali Camp in 2012

Visiting from India? You can also make a donation to Animal Rahat via PETA India by sending a cheque/demand draft to be made in favour of "Animal Rahat", payable in Mumbai to:

PETA India
PO Box 28260
Juhu, Mumbai 400 049

All donations made to Animal Rahat are exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Animals Driven to Despair—Help Save Them!

The journey to the Chinchali Fair, an annual festival in India, brings great hardship to thousands of bullocks, ponies, and horses who are forced to run for two days straight—for as long as 150 miles—hauling carts jam-packed with large families. Along the route, these animals often collapse from exhaustion, injuries, dehydration, and despair.

With your help, Animal Rahat can prevent an enormous amount of suffering by doing the following:

The Chinchali Fair is quickly approaching, and we need your help right now to make these ambitious plans a success. Your generous gift today will support Animal Rahat's efforts and change the lives of so many animals put at risk during this annual ceremony.